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October News - Lets Catch Up!

October 12th 2012

Time to Catch up on the amazing 2012 E17 Art Trail.

In this newsletter:

  • Announcing the competition winners from the comments forms you completed
  • Where will we be next - Keep in touch
  • Network News

E17 Art Trail Visitor's comments:

"What I really love about the trail is the sense of community that it brings. I've met so many amazing people on the trail, both artists and those visiting exhibitions, and the trail is my highlight of the year as the Stow is just buzzing. "

"As usual I loved the whole community feel of it, all the families and friends out and about visiting venues, it all felt so happy and positive. Everyone had made such an effort and it really paid off."

"Love just walking the streets and seeing it in our neighbourhood its just great! and so accessable, on our doorstep and free! I was made to feel very welcome by the hosts. I still love looking at the pieces I brought home. Amazing!"


Comptition Winners

At our team meeting, we made the draw for the comments form winner.  The prize is a £50 voucher to spend on artwork from this year's E17 Art Trail.  The lucky winner has been notified, and we will let you know what they buy!

We have also totted up all the votes for favourite exhibition and the winner is...

Egyptian Dance Costumes - Past and Present

Well done Zarah, and thanks for encouraging to many people to complete the feedback forms.  Zarah also wins £50.


Artillery Diary - Where will we be?

LBWF Fellowship Afternoon - Networking Event

Sunday 21st October, 12-5pm @ The William Morris Gallery, Forest Road

We will be one of a number of local creative organisations at this networking event hosted by the William Morris Gallery. We'll be sharing some of our archive, inviting you to add to it, and will be discussing how we develop the E17 Art Trail and other projects for the future. Do come and say hello, we're looking forward to hearing news of your ideas and your experiences of the E17 Art Trail 2012.

"The Society of Designer Craftsmen and the William Morris Gallery present a special event for artists, designers and craftsmen and women to share information, meet like-minded people and find out about exciting opportunities."


E17 Art Trail Afterglow: an evening to celebrate all we achieved this year

Tuesday 23rd October, 7-9pm @ The Mill, 7-9 Coppermill Lane, E17 7HA

The immediate buzz and relief of completing the E17 Art Trail may have subsided, so it is high time we celebrated the achievements, the highlights, the surprises and the sheer enjoyment of taking part in the E17 Art Trail this year. We hope as many of you as possible will be able to join us at The Mill on Tuesday 23rd October for a social where we can share stories about our highlights, the hurdles and what people are planning to do next.

Bring your favorite photos and we will upload them into our archive.

Re-kindle art trail aquaintances and make new friends among our ever-expanding home grown creative network. Share our invitation with everyone who helped your E17 Art Trail to be enjoyable. This is a time to applaud everyone's contribution and to get excited about what we might do next!


Artists Forum: an evening to share current practice and discuss opportunities

Date and Venue TBC - November

An evening for artists to meet and share their experiences and uncertainties about developing work for the E17 Art Trail and what to do next. To kick start the discussion a number of exhibiting artists will give a short presentation outlining how participating in the E17 Art Trail has influenced their practice and the immediate challenges they now face in realising new developments for their work. Artists who wish to join this discussion are encouraged to book. We will confirm details for this event shortly.



Network News

Remember to share your creative news with us if you would like to be included in the newsletter.
Submit your events/opportunities through our website http://www.e17arttrail.co.uk/submit

Stay in touch via Facebook and Twitter for updates and more network news:


Win a Free Online Shop* Competition!

Waltham Forest Women in Business have teamed up with Supadupa.me London's first boutique ecommerce for creative minds to give you the chance to win a online shop!*

We've road tested this great online system and we love it! You could be online, selling your products, within an hour!

The deadline for entry to this competition is 31st October , 5pm. For details on how to enter the competition go to:

Supadupa Competition

*The successful winner will win a one year free online shop subscription 



Piloted at this year's E17 Art Trail, the remastered Vila's Mountain officially launches at Rich Mix (Performance)

October 12th 2012
Vila [vee-ler] - a forest nymph. Vilas dwell in rivers, lakes and ponds, sky and clouds, mountains, caves and other clandestine places. They sometimes appear as swans, horses, falcons, wolves or other animals that they can shapeshift into but usually they come into being as beautiful maidens, naked or dressed in white with long flowing hair. Generally, they are benevolent unless provoked, they are just, they help the poor and the disadvantaged,...
Read more


Immortal Triptych Prints Preview at E17 Arts Trail (Exhibition)

October 12th 2012
A set of triptych prints previewed at Tokarska gallery as part of the E17 Art Trail, will be showing at this years Multiplied Art Fair at Christie's from this Thursday. Showing with Eyestorm at the fair for the second time, the prints have been produced by Fine Art Printers Harwood King in conjunction with the artist and feature 4 layers of screenprinted inks, including irradescent and varnished layers on top of a giclee printed base. Th...
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Paul Tucker

Corsham Re-formed (Exhibition)

October 12th 2012
11 – 20 October 2012 Corsham Re-Formed Private View on Friday 12 October 2012, 6pm - 9pm Works by former students of Bath Academy of Art: Anna Bisset, Iain Cotton, Richard Crooks, Tim Daly, Frank Gambino, Paul Lindt, Mark Mainwood, Guy Thomas, Paul Tucker, Simon Ward, Jon Woolfenden in this group exhibition....
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