30 May - 14 June 2015

Art Trail 2014

This year E17 Art Trail is 10. From the inaugural Artillery E17 Art Trail in 2005, a one-day festival with 50 exhibitions, to the 2014 Art Trail showcasing work by 4,000 artists for an audience of more than 15,000, the E17 Art Trail has truly been taken to the hearts of those who’ve trod its path. Together we’ve seen art in front gardens, shop windows, on hedges and at bus-stops as well as in our flagship galleries. Each Art Trail there are pop-up events in shops, community centres, churches and outdoor spaces and a wonderful programme of walks, talks and cycle routes that open up the hidden and not-so-hidden areas of E17. Like you, we are in awe of how talented our East London neighbourhood is and we love how wholeheartedly ‘our’ E17 Art Trail has become ‘your’ E17 Art Trail too.

Artists’ Open Houses stand at the heart of the Art Trail and are an enduring and evocative expression of all that is so rewarding about living in a creative community. Our 2014 theme – ‘inhabit’ – is a way of marking this with a programme strand that considers not just where we live but how. It can be no coincidence that the role of the Warner Family and their social as well as physical shaping of the Walthamstow community has emerged as such as strong element of the 2014 E17 Art Trail. Parallel to this runs a consideration of how we can best align the drive of urban expansion with a respect for our community’s history and we are delighted to be sharing this part of our programme with the London Festival of Architecture 201.

For our 10th year we have made a number of key changes designed to encourage us all to be a bit bolder in our Art Trail choices. E17 Art Trail is now mapped out as 8 mini-Art Trails under one large Art Trail banner. These mini-trails each come with their own distinctive character and sense of neighbourhood and we’ve included our favourite Art Trail pubs and cafés for you to rest and recuperate on route.

Of course being 10 is a landmark birthday: we’re wondering what lies ahead. The landscape for East London has changed so substantially over the past 10 years – how can the E17 Art Trail grow and develop in a way that continues to express the ambitions of the people who live, work and visit here and have invested so much in its success? We’d like to know what you think. This June our team of volunteer Festival Ambassadors will be inviting everyone they meet at Art Trail events or spot holding an Art Trail guide to join in the conversation. Give us your best idea and let us know what you think. We’ll be tweeting and posting (#e17arttrail) the best ideas during the Art Trail. At the end of the Art Trail we’ll be sharing the feedback and perhaps picking a few ‘winners’ to run with.

Welcome to the 2014 E17 Art Trail, when the whole neighbourhood opens its door and invites you in.
Paula Van Hagen
Curator E17 Art Trail

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