30 May - 14 June 2015

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Festival dates

31st May- 15th June 2014

This will be the 10th edition of the E17 Art Trail, a festival repeatedly recommended by Time Out and featured on BBC London!


What’s in the E17 Art Trail 2014?


''The infinite embrace'', ''Breaking Bard'', ''Down the rabbit hole'', "Time to fly", " Women of the world art quilt" just to quote few intriguing titles...


Artists have been inspired by classic literature, architecture, history, nature …. Your learners could be inspired by visiting artists' studios and workplaces. The whole spectrum of art disciplines will be represented at the festival: painting, photography, fine art ceramics, textiles, film, food, sculpture, poetry, performance, installation, graphic design, printmaking, furniture design and more.


Resources for visitors

The full E17 Art Trail Guide will be available online from 1st May. A Trail Guide will be delivered to each school setting for reference and planning.
The e17arttrailschoolyard.blogspot.co.uk blog shares news of our young exhibitors and identifies some exhibitions and events that especially illuminate the school curricula including the influence of history, literature, science, physical geography, and current affairs upon artist’s work.

 Exploring the E17 Art Trail

You may choose to prepare your learners to :

  • Visit as a class
  • Visit with your wider school community
  • Visit independently
  • Visit as part of our guided walking tours

Older explorers could consider the E17 Art Trail as a research opportunity and submit reviews about their discoveries for the best via our dedicated blog E17arttrailschoolyard.blogspot.co.uk or social media.

Keeping in touch

For help with planning your visit please contact me Brigi



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Click here to see hundreds of treasures waiting to be discovered along the trail


This URL is especially released to schools and learning settings as a resource to support you in the advanced planning of field trips to E17 Art Trail. It is made available now whilst we continue to work on the layout and printing of the E17 Art Trail Guide. We recommend contacting the artist and venues for any events or exhibitions you plan to visit as a group.


Will your plans be inspired by …

Celtic Art by The Wandering Scribe at the William Morris Gallery?

World War II memoirs and butterfly collecting with Amanda Doidge ceramics?


Dinosaur and Creature cuddles on Spruce Hills Road?

The history trail to the Queen's Road Cemetery?

The flying monkey with Cat Boy's Travelling Circus?

Walking Tours around Walthamstow Marshes?

'Monster aliens invade primary school' at the Winns Primary?

What's behind the giant red doors at the Blackhorse Workshop?



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