30 May - 14 June 2015

Friends Scheme

Will you be our friend?

If you would like to support the E17 Art Trail, you can help make it happen by becoming a "Friend of the Trail".

The E17 Art Trail is an artist led community project and friends of the trail have made a huge contribution by helping us champion local artists. For a small fee you can become a friend of the E17 Art Trail in 2014. For this you will get your name and your website address listed in the E17 Art Trail printed programme and on the website but more importantly you will have the satisfaction of doing something positive to help the creative explosion in E17. You will also be invited to the popular Artist Reception on 30th May.

To become a friend, please complete the form below, and proceed to make a payment of £30

If you don't fill in anything above, we will assume you do not want to be listed publicly and will remain anonomous.



If you would prefer not to use online payments, please contact us oncheckout@artillery.org.uk

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