30 May - 14 June 2015

Godiva Creates Motion in Waltham Forest

Godiva Creates Motion in Waltham Forest On Sunday 05 August 2012, a ten-metre high Lady Godiva puppet will arrive in the borough, created by Imagineer Productions as part of Arts Council England's 'Artists Taking The Lead' initiative.

Sat astride a horse powered by 100 cyclists, Godiva will travel from her home in Coventry, to London, her final destination. She will be greeted in Waltham Forest by a large-scale carnival parade, led by Masquerade 2000, and welcomed at an end event at Walthamstow Town Hall, animated by Studio 3 Arts and a number of partner arts and community organisations.

This is an incredible opportunity to be part of an unique public art project, celebrating the Cultural Olympiad and showcasing the best of Waltham Forest's community spirit and arts landscape. The Town Hall site will be taken over by dancers, actors, singers and visual art pieces that will come to life as Godiva arrives. Grounded in a spirit of celebration, festival and joy, the event will be playful, colourful and engaging and will offer a new and unexpected way to encounter the Town Hall site.

Studio 3 Arts is now seeking local people, communities and organisations to be involved in the end event at the Town Hall. We're looking for local residents, artists, volunteers, community leaders, dancers, actors, local businesses and employees to help us make history and give Godiva the welcome she deserves, profiling the best of Waltham Forest and celebrating our rich cultural heritage and diversity.

If you would like to be involved, please contact Liza Vallance, Studio 3 Arts Artistic Director on 020 8594 7136 or email liza@studio3arts.org.uk

Alternatively, pop in to Wood Street Market from 22 - 29 June where Studio 3 Arts is showing a temporary exhibition, in partnership with Waltham Forest Arts Club.

For more information about Studio 3 Arts, visit www.studio3arts.org.uk

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