30 May - 14 June 2015

Artist Area

Exhibiting artists can login via the form on the left, or you can always goto www.e17arttrail.co.uk/user


Please remember to have a venue poster on display, and to keep a stock of trail guides at your venue, especially if this is a public venue.

Monitoring and Audience Feedback

This year, as an added inscentive, we are going to have a prize draw for people who kindly complete our monitoring. They have a chance of winning a £50 art voucher so they can buy artwork they have seen on the E17 Art Trail. AND they can vote for their favourite exhibitor/venue and the highest number of votes will also be awarded £50.

Please print monitoring forms and collect them back in for us.
PLEASE RETURN COMPLETED FORMS ASAP anytime up until Monday 24th September so we can enter them into our system ready for the prize draw on 28th September.

Visitor Books

We also have the visitor books for your venues where approriate so you can collect your audiences comments and emails. Please send us copies for our database too.

You can download posters, feedback forms and visitors books from the Resources page.

Member Login:

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