Corrections and Updates

On this page we will be posting details of updates and corrections...

The Travelling Zoological Museum
Sorry, due to unforceen circumstances, this exhibition will not be open for the last weekend as printed in the trail guide.

Pageant of the Seven Sacraments - time change
This is now from 2.30 - 4pm not 3.00-4.30 as printed.

British Gospel Arts Open Studios
Unfortunately the space has become unavailable on Saturday 16 September. The exhibition and singing workshop will now only be on Sunday 16 September from 2pm to 4pm.
My Life of Brian by Sarah Ezekiel - Moved and Extended!!!
Sarah's wonderful exhibition has moved from the central Library and extended to the whole duration of the trail at the Arts and Crusts cafe.

You're invited to a drinks reception for Taking Part.
Drinks Reception Please come and meet some of the photographers and see the work at a free drinks reception on: Sunday 9 September 2012 at 4 - 6pm
Walthamstow Central Library
High Street Walthamstow
London E17 7JN
Ringing For All - times change.
The Wonderful bellringers of St Mary's have had to change their times so they now finish as 1.30, not 5pm.

Ubuntu Arts - Group Show Corrections...
The address for this should read 10 Truro Road, not 2a, and the times have changed to: Sat 10.00-14.00, Sun 15.00-18.00, Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri 14.30-21.00

Be-stow: Giving, Getting and Living in E17; Amateur Art from the (H)edge of the Stow
Woops, on the printed map we have this exhibition's spot number in the wrong place.  It should be more to the west, near Wigton Road.  Sorry.

Massive apologies to Simon Goodwin  A technical glitch meant that his printed listing in the Trail Guide "Significent Moments" missed off a lot of his detail; full details here.

Warpdog - Cancelled!!
The venue for Warpdog has fallen thorough, so they unfortunately can not take part this year.  Very sad.

Get-Callaghan - Venue Change!
Adrian has had to move his exhibition from the Bell Pub as they have changed hands - new venue Coffee & Creams 633 Forest Road.

Beautiful Words in Beautiful Interiors - addition!
on Sun Sept 9th in Penny Fielding’s Gallery & Interiors:
the reading by poets Cheryl Moskowitz and Jacqueline Saphra will also feature a live performance by pianist and West End musical director Alastair Gavin.
Cowling and Wilcox - not open weekends
Cowling and Wilcox are no longer open at the weekend...

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