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What is the value of public digital art and digital making with local people?

Thurs 6th June, 6.30-8pm

William Morris Gallery, Lloyd Park, Forest Rd, London E17 4PP, UK

Join us to explore the value of public digital art and digital making as part of the E17 Art Trail in collaboration with art collective Compiler.

Together with invited artists and producers, we will explore how digital art and hands-on digital making can help us connect with local places and culture, and engage with each other in meaningful ways. We will delve into how artist-led digital activities can be uniquely supported in the context of art trails and festival models. We will discuss the potential of innovative and interactive public art installations to inspire and connect new audiences.

This event is also a fantastic opportunity for local practitioners who work with or are interested in digital technologies to meet and network. So come along and be a part of this exciting conversation - we can't wait to see you there!

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