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Recording Audio

One of the distinctive features of the Bloomberg Connects free digital guide is being able to include an audio files with your listing. Podcast producer Engin Hassan has prepared the below Artists Guide to Recording Audio video tutorial to assist you in creating your audio file with accompanying transcript.

Why should you consider an audio file?

Perhaps you've crafted a sound piece, such as a composition, a poem, or prose, that complements your artwork, offering viewers a richer, multisensory experience.

Or, if you're unable to personally attend your exhibit, an audio file allows you to virtually engage with visitors sharing insights into your artistic process, discuss inspirations behind your work or reveal unexpected surprises of its evolution.


Of course, there may be other compelling reasons unique to your practice!



Your recording should align with the festival's values of creativity and inclusivity. As the festival aims to be accessible to all, we are unable to include adult material or content containing violent language.

Regrettably, Artillery does not have the capacity to verify audio content in languages other than English. However, you're welcome to host these files on your own website for accessibility.

To have your audio file featured in your listing you need to create it in mp3 format and send it to us at together with its transcript. Bloomberg Connects requests artists provide a text version, or a transcript, of what's included in their video recordings. This is for people who are deaf, hard of hearing or prefer to read a written text.

 This guidance is complemented by written instructions Recording Audio and Creating a Written Transcript.

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