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  • I hope to show artwork in my home window - will people be able to get details in the guide?
    Yes, they will. For 2024, the Bloomberg Connects app replaces the traditional hard copy art trail guide. If you apply for a ‘Festival Friend’ listing - or what used to be called a 'daylight hours' listing - the details you supply in your Listings Form will be included in the E17 Art Trail 2024 section in the App. This is a simple listing, with out dates and times, so your artwork should be visible for the duration of the festival, 1-16 June. We will also have a hard copy foldable map where your location is indicated. Your ‘spot’ will correspond to the map in the app.
  • If I am exhibiting at home do I register as a Venue Partner or as an Event/Exhibition listing? It sounds like there would be greater visibility on the Bloomberg App if applying as a venue.
    You would have equal visibility as a venue or artist as each will have their own main/headline listing in the Bloomberg Connects App. If you register as a venue there is a space to share the venue’s own message, news or business offer, which is not applicable to artists. Therefore we recommend you register for an Event/Exhibition listing.
  • If I want to have two different events will I pay twice for the two listings?
    If the two differing events or exhibitions were held in the same venue you can provide the details of both events in one listing. If the events are in two different venues you would need to register two ‘Event or Exhibition’ listings. That way audiences get clear details about both events and where to find them.
  • I want my business to be a venue for the Art Trail but we're only open 9-5 Monday to Friday. Is this allowed?
    Yes, it is. The E17 Art Trail 2024 is a 16 day festival and all venues, including home and artists' studios, can be open any time of their choosing. Ensure that all collaborators are aware of the timings so they enter the correct opening times in the Listings Form (by the deadline 1st April).
  • I want to advertise a public exhibition opening for my event/exhibition listing. How do I add this and where will it appear on the Bloomberg App?
    Once you have registered an exhibition/event listing and want to add a private view or an event/workshop/book launch as part of your exhibition/event listing you first log in and go to the Members Section. Under My orders you will find the heading 'Additional Related Listings'. These additional listings can also be used to add additional events as well as individual artist listings. Think of them as sub-headings under your main listing. If you are having a public party or opening this can also be listed in the Calender section of the Bloomberg app.
  • Do I have to submit all my Listings details at the time of registration?
    No, you don’t. Once you have completed the initial Registration (this includes sections for your contact and payment details and type of registration), you will be sent an automated confirmation email and be given access to the Members Only area on the website. An email with a link to the Listings Form to complete your event or exhibition details will be sent no later than 12th March.
  • Is it the same registration cost for schools to be in the programme?
    There are two registration costs that can apply to schools: You can register for a ‘Festival Friend’ listing for £25 - or what used to be called a 'daylight hours' listing - if something is available to view outside (e.g. on railings) at any time through the whole 16 days of the trail. Or, you can register a school under a ‘Venues Partners Listing’ if there are specific details of opening times and dates. Early Bird rate of £60 for a Venue Partners registration available until the 1st March and £75 thereafter.
  • If I am a venue having multiple exhibitions under one roof, do I need to register each event/exhibition separately?
    For owners of spaces who have one or more exhibitions, it is not essential to register your venue if individual artists, or organisers of group shows, are registering themselves. However you should register if you are hosting your own events, or wish to make your own invitation to audiences to visit your venue for the festival. If you register as a Venue Partner, for £75 or at the reduced Early Bird rate of £60 available until 1st March, you will be highlighting your business as a key festival destination in the Bloomberg Connects app. The app replaces the traditional hard copy guide that can be used either by itself or in tandem with a hard copy foldable map . You can share more about your offer to a wider potential customer base, or perhaps include a special discount for visitors. This is how we crowdfund the festival and your support is much appreciated to help make the festival a huge success.
  • Is there a hard copy Trail Guide available for 2024?
    No, there isn’t. This year we are replacing the Trail Guide with the E17 Art Trail 2024 app. This will be hosted on the Bloomberg Connects app and will be available early May. To access the app download the free Bloomberg Connects app available to download from both Google Play and Apple’s App Store. The listings in the app will be comprehensive and mirror the ‘real-life’ experience of using our traditional hard copy Trail Guide used in previous years. This is a more sustainable, affordable solution which also allows us to include film and audio. We will produce a printed map which will act as a flyer for the festival and show where all the art trail venues are.
  • If I am an artist showing with a venue who has already registered their venue, do I need to register my own Event/Exhibition listing?
    Yes, you do. It is the responsibility of ALL individual artists or organisers of group shows to register themselves under the Events or Exhibitions Listing. It is not essential for owners of spaces having one or more exhibitions to register their venue. The purpose of a Venue Partner listing is for the venue to highlight their business as a key festival destination in the Bloomberg Connects app (please see below question/answer).
  • Under the Members Only section of, why is there a 'My Registrations' and 'My Orders' sections?
    The ‘My Registrations’ section lists your type(s) of registration (e.g. Event/Exhibition, Festival Supporters or Venue Partner). The website categorises these as ‘Subscriptions’. This gives you access to the members only sections of the website and it's useful for us to have all of your details under one registration, especially if you are organising multiple events. In the ‘My Orders’ section you can buy and additional event or exhibition listings for other venues. Plus additional mini listings related to your main listing, for example workshops or meet the artists events and also for listing individual artists in a group show if you wish. These are all nested under the main listing and one off events will also in the event calendar.
  • Should I wait to register, if I am in the process of finding and confirming a venue?
    We recommend you register before 14 February to take advantage of the early bird discount code. This is available at the checkout to apply for £15 off using the code EARLYBIRD. You will then have until 1 April to complete the information, including venue details, on the Listings Form. Effectively, you have until 1 April to find a venue and submit its details. We are firm believers that a venue will always turn up!
  • If I am an artist looking to exhibit with a group of others or as part of an open studio, do I need to do my own registration.
    The first step is to establish who the participating artists are. The second step is to agree with them if you want to be listed as a group under one main exhibition listing or have seperate main exhibition listings for each or some artists, or a combination. Main listings can also include film, audio and links to your websites and socials. We have given options to suit different budgets and it depends how much profile you would like within the listings. Once the exhibition is registered, should individual artists within the group show/open studio want to add their own individual artist profiles they can do this for £25 each. These will be nested under the main listing as a 'mini' related event listing - or a 'sub-listing' under the main listing. The person who registered the main listing, will be able to purchase any 'Additional Event Listings for £25 (See 'My Orders' section). The person who registered is responsible for submitting and check all the listings for that event. The costs relate to the time it takes for us to process, format, proofread and upload all your details.
  • I want to approach a venue for a show but have no idea where to start!
    A good start is to take a look at the E17 Artist Handbook which offers advice to artists on how to do this. We also have a Venues Handbook which advises venues on what to expect and how to take part. It’s very useful to read both handbooks and be ready to provide the venue holder with either a hard or soft copy. From hairdressers to estate agents, we have always found that venue holders are usually receptive if you sell the benefits of taking part to them and have examples of the proposed artwork to be shown.
  • How do I find a venue to show my artwork?
    If you are looking for a venue there are various options available. You can look in your neighbourhood or flick through our last art trail guide from 2021 to see which venues took part. We encourage you to reach out to the venue directly by phone, email or a friendly face-to-face interaction. If we know of venues who are wanting artists to show with them we ask the venues to post their details on our padlet ‘Art Trail 2024 Collaborations Board’ . You do not need the Padlet app to access or post information - just click on the link and create login details!
  • Is there a discount code when booking public liability insurance with a-n insurance?
    No, there isn’t this year. A-N membership offers some public liability insurance for freelance artists. The Artists Union England also offers insurance to members. We recommend artists shop around for the most appropriate and best-value deal.
  • I will be opening up my house for this year’s trail. Do I have to undertake a risk assessment?
    If you are performing, running a workshop or showing work, whether at an open studio or house or external venue, we recommend all artists undertake risk assessments. A risk assessment identifies potential hazards while installing and de-installing event as well as the duration of your event and is intended to keep you, your fellow collaborators and the general public safe. It also indicates to a venue holder that you’ve considered everything, e.g. whether their space can cope with numbers or if electrical equipment has been PAT-tested.
  • Will Artillery be providing a risk assessment template for this year’s trail?
    Artillery will be covering specific advice on risk assessment at a ‘How to…’ Workshop Zoom session during May 2024. To receive details on the session, you can sign up to receive our Artillery and E17 Art Trail newsletter. A possible outcome of this session might be the provision of a template but, in the meantime, such templates can be easily sourced online.
  • I will be showing in a group show in a church. Do I have to have liability insurance?
    Each artist exhibiting in the show doesn’t have to have their own as you can have one person taking out the insurance for the whole show. This doesn’t only apply to churches but applies to almost any other type of venue or business. Although some venues have their own liability insurance it’s often found that they want the exhibiting artists to take out their own. If you are transporting artwork or other art-related resources to a venue, remember to have the insurance operational from the moment you begin this task and not to begin the insurance from the first day of the exhibition.
  • Will I need liability insurance if I run a workshop in the church?
    Yes. If you are running a workshop in a church or business, even as part of a group exhibition, we recommend you take out your own public liability insurance. Should you need to make a claim, or have someone claim damages against you, it makes sense that the insurance is in your name.
  • I’ve heard that the Bloomberg App will replace the traditional guide. Will there be a hard copy map?
    Yes, a hard copy foldable map with all the venue locations indicated will work in tandem with the Bloomberg App so your venue appears on the same location on each. It will be the Bloomberg App that includes all the details you included on your Listings Form. On the Listings Details form we ask you to submit the GPS coordinates of your venue so the location is exact! We encourage you to download the Bloomberg Connects App and to search for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to see how the app works.
  • Please could you tell us more about the digital artwork that could be available on the app only? How would that work?
    There will be a facility on the app to upload audio and audio visual files. In addition to uploading artworks in this format we encourage artists to take advantage of this facility by, for example, creating audio guides on their work should they not be constantly present during their exhibition or event. For audio and audio visual art (hosted online only) you will need to Register for an Event/Exhibition listing. As we work with Bloomberg Connects more advice will be forthcoming.
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