30 May - 14 June 2015

It's full STEAM ahead for the E17 Art Trail 2017!

3 - 18 June 2017

Our theme for the 2017 E17 Art Trail is STEAM, the acronym that recognises the place of Art alongside the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. 
The theme is just a suggestion - you may wish to respond to our interpretation of STEAM in the work you create for the E17 Art Trail, you may have your own interpretation, or you may be planning to share work that is inspired by something completely different. Our open submissions policy welcomes all work that can be exhibited or performed within the E17 postcode.
E17 Art Trail Ideas Sparks talks
To spark ideas and explore the possibilities of our STEAM theme, Artillery is coordinating a series of lively monthly talks inspired by STEAM. With presentations, demonstrations, workshops, panel discussions and lively debate, the Ideas Sparks talks bring together artists, engineers, scientists, and mathematicians whose work involves collaborations across STEAM disciplines. 
We hope these talks will support artists in the research and development of their E17 Art Trail ideas.

Next Ideas Sparks talk : 
Monday 9th January 

Craft and Place
For our next E17 Art Trail Idea Sparks session we have guest speaker Deirdre Nelson presenting her latest project for the Walthamstow Wetlands. We will also ask you to share details of your festival plans, opportunities to exhibit, requests for collaborators or spaces and to help map venues already booked in preparation for the 2017 E17 Art Trail. 
Book for our free talks series here: www.artillery.eventbrite.com

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Cover Ilustration for E17 Art Trail Guide 2015 by Linda Hughes.


E17 Art Trail 2015

The Inside Story, brought to you by Walthamstow’s artists in open houses, studios, galleries, streets and local businesses.

Walthamstow's epic community led arts festival shared the creative endeavours of 4,000 artists and contributors to 250 events and exhibitions and included over 100 artists' open studios to explore.

In 2015 we invited contributors to respond to our storytelling theme. 

Find out more here.

A huge thank you to all the volunteers who worked on this year's festival behind the scenes and as festival ambassadors out on the streets.


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