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Commissioned Artwork by Paul Tucker

In recent years we have seen how artists and makers are embracing more sustainable ways of working, combining traditional skills with more modern techniques and innovations. Artillery invited local photographer Paul Tucker to collaborate with some of our artists and makers to create a series of images to reflect these approaches and subjects in their work. 

Paul Tucker's Creative Means series featuring local artists.

In the spirit of valuing and experimenting with creative processes, for these images captured on film from just eight frames, Paul has used a vintage Ensign Camera. These cameras were produced in Walthamstow with a factory on Fulbourne Road. By 1908 this factory in Walthamstow was the biggest camera producing plant in Great Britain. Each image is produced from three exposures and Paul describes the process as more like creating a painting, "The effect is a bit like a collage. I'm aiming to tell a story creating an extra dimension to a portrait, so it is also a portrait of their work". 

Gavin Coyle is a craftsman working predominantly in timber. His work explores the interaction between traditional skills and modern techniques. His aim is to design products which are the antithesis of throwaway, using materials which are beautiful and long-lasting.  

Lucie Gledhill is a jeweller known for her traditional approach to making and her specialism in chainmaking. With a material led process her starting point is often alloying, melting and pouring metals. As a founder of Made by Ore, teaching and sharing making has always accompanied her practice. 

Sandie M Sutton is a sculptor whose art practice involves creating innovative ways to use discarded materials. Her creations are aesthetically intriguing, as the viewer observes and considers the juxtaposition between familiar household waste and the natural world. 

Esther Neslen is a multi disciplinary artist. She has found a subtle way of exploring the dynamics of human relationships through using abstracted clay forms. She enjoys the processes of working with clay, leaving traces of manufacture in her work, a bit like a detective game, or archaeology.   

Kweku Ackom-Mensah is a Children's Author, Spoken Word Artist and Storyteller inspired by his love of Hip-Hop, Grime and spoken word. A portion of profits from his early books was donated to The Snowdrop Foundation, an organisation which supports the families of children with a neuro-developmental condition.


Kelly Frank is a painter whose figurative works explore the themes of identity, memory, and relationships.

Kelly explores portraiture through the lens of a psychologist and investigator. She is concerned with telling honest and vulnerable stories, revealing the nuance of gesture and personality.  

You can find events and exhibitions on the E17 Art Trail featuring these artists below.

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