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Our digital guide and the printed map equip you to navigate the 150+ E17 Art Trail sites. 

Immerse yourself in the multitude of invitations to visit artists studios, open houses, exhibitions and displays. Browse through the digital guide to plan where you will be visiting during the E17 Art Trail, 1-16 June.

Where to Start!
Some people love to plan their route in advance. Others pick up recommendations as they go. Some join the Guided Tours to enjoy the trail with company.
Our advice is to start somewhere and see where the trail and the conversations take you!

Free Digital Guide

Download the digital guide to your phone for the full festival programme including:

  • interactive map

  • descriptions of each exhibition and event 

  • exhibitions organised into areas, Mini-Trails

  • a calendar of events, performances, and workshops

  • previews and parties

  • family friendly exhibitions and events for and by children 

  • info about joining walks, cycle tours, running tours and bus tours

Discover arts and culture on your doorstep by downloading the free E17 Art Trail festival guide today!


Available on Bloomberg Connects

Venue Maps

There is a printed map to accompany the digital guide for those of you who like us, love a physical map. Pick up a venue map to accompany the digital guide from participating venues including Images in Frames, William Morris Gallery, Estates East and The Mill. Also available to download here.

Lookup Number

Each trail venue has a Lookup number given on the printed map. You can use these to find more detail about the exhibitions in the digital guide. You might also find audio, film, and links to the artist's own websites and socials.

Artist Studios

Here on the digital guide, we have gathered the details for all of the artist studio blocks opening their doors for the E17 Art Trail. This is a rare opportunity to meet artists in their workspaces and see the workings out!

Performances! Workshops! Tours! Talks! Art Markets!

You can also find one off events and workshops here on the website to help you weave these into your festival plans and book where required.

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